The Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club has dominated the 2014 NZ Youth Match Racing Nationals taking out first and second place. Teams representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron claimed third and fourth.

The Race Officials had a very poor forecast to work with. Three of the four days were forecasting over 30knots. Ken Burt and his team however somehow managed to get through a round robin, semi-finals, finals and minor play offs racing every day. The weekend was when the main action happened and two teams from each city progressed to the top four. Sam Mackay representing RPNYC decided to choose George Anyon (RNZYS) leaving Will Eastman (RPNYC) to take on Lucas Chatonnier (RNZYS). Both semi-finals went to a deciding race where the home teams came to the fore taking victories to set up an all RPNYC final. Before the finals there were two intercity battles where Stephanie Kirkman (RNZYS) took on Nick Thyne (RPNYC) for fifth and sixth. Michelle Tait (RNZYS) raced off against Hannah Corke (RPNYC) for seventh and eighth. RPNYC won both matches in convincing style to take out seventh and fifth respectively.

The final was a closer affair than the results may suggest Eastman pushed Mackay in every race, however it was Mackay who kept the score card clean to take the win. This was Mackay’s first Grade 3 win and is looking forward to the rest of the season.

Final Results.

1. Sam Mackay, Ben Caundle, Bryn Bennet, Elliot Kortright (RPNYC)
2. Will Eastman, James Ayr, Amy Anderson, Cain Anderson (RPNYC)
3. Lucas Chatonnier, Thomas Andrews, Blake Buxton (RNZYS)
4. George Anyon, James Roberts, Matt Hughes (RNZYS)
5. Nick Thyne, Angus Adamson, Stuart Williams (RPNYC)
6. Stephanie Kirkman, Anna Merchant, Lisa Dartnall (RNZYS)
7. Hannah Corke, Kate Johnson-Lee, Polly Wright, Zoe Bennett (RPNYC)
8. Michelle Tait, Livy Hamlin, Tanya Peart (RNZYS)

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